Wednesday 19 July 2017


We would like to pay attention to our message!
Lately one of our wonderful DT members has been bugged!!
They put a virus on her blogspot and she can't use it anymore!
Very sad indeed when some people are doing those things
and destroy what makes us happy, right?
But Liv has to much love for crafting and she deceided to make a new blog!
Please pay a visit to her new blog and become her follower so she knows
we all love what she makes and creates!
Cuttlebugs & Hugs
Deneen, Liv and Jannie


  1. :-) Can't get on that Blog either - it says it doesn't exist :-(

    1. I can get onto her old Blog !!!?

  2. Fixed the link, it should work now! Thank you
    Swissieliv is her NEW blog :)